Wednesday, August 21, 2013

First Day of Preschool....According to Maddox

This child!!  Maddox's first day of preschool was yesterday.  They send home notes everyday listing what each child played, had for snack, etc.  And thank goodness they do because the stories I got from Maddox were truly unbelievable!  Here is what the note said and here is what Maddox said...

The note said he ate half his snack of bananas and cheerios.  Maddox said he ate all his banana and all his fruit loops.  He also informed me that he spit out all his water.  The note said he held the flag pole.  Maddox said he actually held the flag pole.  The note said he played alone and with friends.  Maddox said 3 boys hit him and went to time out.  He also said timeout was in the bathtub.  The note said he got to take a trip to the treasure box.  Maddox said he was the only kid who got a special treat. Everyone else was bad and hit the teacher in the face. The note said he followed all classroom rules.  Maddox said a boy peed in his pants and a girl pooped in her pants.  All on purpose.  The note said he played in the kitchen and with playdoh.  Maddox said he played "game with boy and hit in the face and everyone die."  (I don't get it, either.)  He also told me he found a girlfriend.  I believed him at first until he told me she had purple eyes and dog feet.

So probably about 30% of what he said was actually true.  Guess I'll never really know what happened. But here's what I do know.  I had one happy boy yesterday.  As soon as he got in the car, he said, "Mom will you sign me up for school again on Sunday. It was AWESOME!" 

Wednesday, August 14, 2013


Oh My Gosh!!  Maddox is almost 4 years old and still gets up at least once a night.  Lucky for me, Drew can get up with kids and not remember it the next day.   However, on occasion, I do get up to see what he needs.  At 3:00 am, these are the reasons Maddox wakes up.

1.  I need more juicy.

2.  I have a hangnail.

3.  I'm so hot.

4.  I need more juicy.

5.  I really want to ride a horse.  (Not even kidding!)

6.  I need someone in here with me.

7.  It's too dark. (He has 2 night lights.)

8.  I love you.

9.  Can Sam come over?

10.  My bed is wet.  I throwed up.  ( He didn't.  He peed.  While it's still disgusting, I will take it over throw up any day.)

11.  I lost my key.  (It's a key to a diary that may or may not be his.  He can not read, write, or open the dumb thing.

12.  I heared something.

13.  I need more juicy.

14.  I can't find my blanket.

15.  I miss you.

16.  My dinger hurts. (Don't ask.)

17.  I get up now?

It's annoying but also a little funny.  I know at some point he will sleep straight through the night.  Until then, I will look at this picture every night before bed to remind me just how darn awesome he is!!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013


Well, it's here again...the dreaded last day of summer.  I get so sad it's down right pathetic.  I hate the thought of  9 months with no Amelia.  She's the life of the party around here and it's hard not to miss her.  I wanted to do something with her today (just the 2 girls).  So, we did what any 2 girls would do and headed straight to the mall.  I don't know exactly what I was expecting the trip to be like.  I mean, we've been to the mall a hundred times. But today, it was different.  She didn't hold my hand when we walked across the parking lot; she said she didn't need to anymore.  She didn't stop at the Disney store; she wanted Justice and Claires.  She picked out her new outfit; totally not what I would have chosen. She didn't even glance at the play area; she just whizzed right on by.  Sometime in the last year, she's grown up on me.  Amelia, your second grade letter......

Dear Amelia Rose,
      It's hard for me to believe you are starting 2nd grade tomorrow.  It seems like I just brought you home from the hospital.  Anyhoo, you are off to start another adventure.  You walked into orientation last week with so much confidence.  You actually spoke to Mrs. Hutchison and met your new teacher with a huge smile on your face. You ran to hug your friend, Claire....and then you two went off exploring.  It was so great to see you in that way.  You have really come out of your shell lately and I think your gymnastics has a lot to do with that.  You just seem more comfortable around people and that's such a good thing.  Some things, on the other hand, haven't changed...and I'm so thankful for that.  You still have a huge heart and still love playing with Maddox.  You love to do your school work perfectly and of course, you are still flipping all around the house.  You are kind to your friends and care about others.  You always try your very best and work hard in everything you do.  You still get excited over the smallest things and ice cream can fix even your worst day.  You are special little thing, Amelia.  I love you more and more everyday and am so excited to see what you do next.   Please remember while you are at school, Mom watches the clock, counting down the minutes until the house fills with the sweetest voice again.  Maddox misses you, Mama misses you and Daddy misses you.  Have a great year, sis!

Love you to pieces,

So as we were leaving the mall, Drew called and said Maddox was exhausted.  I caught myself trying to hurry home to help put him down for a nap.  And then, I got caught by that stupid red light at Alexandria and Harrodsburg.  I looked in the rear view mirror to see my girl.  She said, "Mom, turn  the radio up!"  Before I knew it, we were both singing and dancing to Blurred Lines (don't judge the song choice;)  People in the lanes beside us were watching and laughing and we didn't care one bit.  So, yes.  The trip to the mall was a little sad because it made me realize my baby is starting to become more independent.  But it was totally perfect, too.  I just hope I get to see that happy face I saw in rear view mirror today a million more times.


Friday, June 7, 2013

Tough Little Cookie

I thought summers were supposed to be relaxing!  Whoever said that obviously didn't have a gymnast for a daughter and an "I want to do everything" 3 year old son.  Amelia was in the gym all week I am absolutely amazed by her.  She started a new class today and I couldn't be more proud.  She learned something today she will remember for the rest of her life.

I saw the coaches head toward the rope and I knew exactly what was about to happen.  Amelia was going to have to climb that thing only using her arms; no help from her legs.  She grabbed the rope and started to pull herself up.  I watched as she inched up slower and slower until finally she came to a complete stop.  As I looked at her face, I saw tears (She NEVER cries at gymnastics, EVER). The coach told her she could use her legs to help her reach to the top of the rope.  Through her tears, she pulled and pulled and pulled.  The coaches, along with her brother and I, were encouraging her every step (or pull) of the way.  It seemed like it took an hour but she finally reached the top.  As soon as her hands hit the metal, she threw her head back and cried like a baby.  She wasn't crying because of fear or pain but because she had simply done it.  Do you have any idea how tough that was for me to witness?  What I wanted to do was grab her off the rope, get her some water, and cradle her like a baby.  But what I did was standby, cheer, and watch a little girl push herself in a way she didn't think was possible.  It was such an awesome thing to see. 

So, yes.  I'm glad she likes gymnastics and I'm glad she has made new friends doing it.   I'm also glad she has won medals and trophies for all of her hard work.  But today made me realize it's so much more than that.  Today, Amelia realized she can do anything.  Did she make it to the top of the rope with only using her arms?  No.  Does she think she will soon?  Absolutely.

( I had to sneak away to write this and as I was heading upstairs, I had to step over Amelia.  She was in the the splits.) 

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Finally, a nap....sorta;)

I felt like poop last week.  My sinuses were out of control.  The kids and I had run around all day and when we finally arrived back home, I begged them for 30 minutes to rest my head.  I pulled out some board games and art supplies and had a great little play center set up for them right beside the couch.  I dimmed the lights and believe it or not, I was able to doze on and off.  I say on and off because periodically I  heard things like, "It's my turn....Leave me alone...I want the blue crayon." I would wake up and beg them to be quiet and let me sleep just a little more.  They started writing letters and making cards and bringing them to me; putting them on my face, my chest,etc.  After about 30 minutes, I opened my eyes and found this note literally staring me in the face.

Nap officially over.

Monday, April 29, 2013

Talk, Talk, Talk!

OMGosh!!  My kids never stop talking...EVER!!

Things I am so tired of hearing  (pretty sure it will be easy to figure out which one of my kids says what;)

1.  Watch me, Mom!

2.  Do we have to go to bed?

3.  I'm hungry.

4.  Can I have dessert?

5.  Are there any bees outside right now?

6.  Is is time for ________?  (insert either karate or gymnastics)

7.  Where's my sippy cup?

8.  He won't stop bothering me.

9.  She won't stop bothering me.

10.  I don't want to read.

11. Mom, Mom, Mom!!!

Things I will never get tired of hearing

1.  Love you, Mom

2. Will you play with me?

3. Turn the radio up!

4.  Will you spot me?

5.  Will you hold me?

6.  Will you sleep with me?

7.  Read to me.

8.  Let's hang out, Mom.

9. I love my brother.

10.  I love my sister.

11.  Mom, Mom, Mom!!
I got the best kids in the world!  (but seriously....they don't stop talking, EVER!!)

Sunday, March 24, 2013

So that's what a meet season's like!

Okay. Okay. I know, I know!  I haven't blogged in months.  I have been a little preoccupied.  It's something called gymnastic meet season.  I feel like for the past couple of months I have been a uniform washing, hair rolling, pep talking chauffeur.  It has been so stressful but so much fun.  Yesterday was the last meet of the season and with 24 hours to reflect upon everything that has happened, I have a ton to say.  I have decided it is best to put all my thoughts in a letter to our sweetest girl.

Dear Amelia Rose,
       You did it!  You finished your very first competitive gymnastic season.  It seems crazy to think where you were just a year ago.  I remember when your dad and I were hoping you could just climb to the top of that rope. And then yesterday, you go and win "the biggest trophy you have ever seen."  You learned so much during your first year, Amelia.  You learned to be away from us for 3 and half hours at a time.  You learned to make new friends and depend on your coaches for help.  You learned to win and more importantly, you learned to lose. You learned some days were easy and some days were not.  You learned hard work equals success.  All of these lessons are so important and I'm glad you picked a sport that teaches these.
       You are 6, for Pete's sake!  How can you do all that you do?  Let me be honest.  You were not the gymnast who was first in line at practice; you would always hang in the back.  You were not the kid to raise your hand and ask a question; you only spoke up when you were spoken to.  You were not the quickest; but you did not cut corners.  You weren't even the loudest or the flashiest.  But you were respectful.  You were kind and hard working.  You were patient and teachable.  You were honest and you were focused.  You were determined and you were, in my eyes, perfect.  I must say I am in awe of you.
       So yes, Mom and Dad are so proud of all that you have accomplished this year.  But we are more proud in the way that you accomplished it.  I'm so lucky that I get to learn from you for the rest of my life.  I'm sure you have so much more to teach me.  So be proud of yourself, Amelia!  It's okay to smile and say "I did it!"  Know that Mom and Dad love you very much and can't wait to see what you do next.  I know it will be amazing!

Lots of love,